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View my latest collections; 'Circling the edge and 'Suspended and Open

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Explore my collection of artwork past and present. Including both sold and available work.


Find out about me and my artistic process, and view my past exhibitions and art events. 


Upcoming Events 

  • ​Alnmouth Arts Festival - Preview evening, 14th - 15th and 16th June 2024.  Exhibiting with artist Jo Hume 
  • Reeth Arts Fair - August 2024 - Reeth, Richmond, North Yorkshire. Showing with small business, Mush Designs 

  • Dry Water Arts - October 2024 - Solo Show - 'Open'


Nel Hume
Solo Exhibition
Dry Water Arts, Amble, Northumberlnd
11th October - 3rd November

 This raw and honest collection of work tells an emotional narrative about a journey through and out of a challenging childhood, suffering from anxiety and OCD. In her first solo exhibition in several years, Nel Hume, who has been making marks and expressing herself through paint since early childhood, offers a unique insight into the mind of an anxious child, facing a world she didn't feel part of and several years spent alone, unable to attend school. With abstract, expressionist paintings depicting the defining life experiences along the way, this diverse collection of paint, print, book making and conceptual pieces explores how art became both the saviour and catalyst for this young artist finding her way from dark to light, from closed to open.



Richmond, North Yorkshire, England

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